The Brands & Products We Sell...

When I opened my CBD store in mid-2019, my goal was to get the “best of the best” to people who found CBD a remedy for ailments both physical and mental (i.e., PTSD, substance abuse, etc.). I want to provide CBD products that are proven, tested, and researched thoroughly, and only those would only be permitted on my shelves. I began a quest, studying what’s what, who’s who and what comes from where, I had a fairly good idea of which current manufacturers were making the “making the grade” and those who had a lot of hype but little hope and high prices to go with it,

Our selection process is still the same:  we decide which brands and products to carry—we don’t follow this week’s “Top 10” list–most of them are paid for.  We study the company founders, the mission statement, its employees and their source of cultivation and who is processing their harvest.  We verify  lab report accuracy by conducting our own tests with a live audience who have different types of pain, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), surgeries (recent and old), headaches, and other ailments.

hemp plants

Our mission is not to reinvent the wheel– it’s just a matter of trying our best to provide accurate and above standard CBD products to you, our customers. This mission couldn’t be more important, particularly since interest in CBD has skyrocketed but knowledge of quality and product is a horse of a different color. We were established to promote quality, laboratory verified products to our client base.


Even when you find a quality product, based on the strain and quality, it may not be the right dosage for you.  There’s a wealth of misinformation out there in and out of print, and some pay very well to promote them, some spend up to $50,000 a month in doing. As of this writing, CBD cannot be advertised  on Google, Facebook, Instagram, or any safe media.

As time goes on, low quality manufacturers implode due to customer dissatisfaction, fake research, and over paid search results, etc., we will see a much different market place, but until then, as always, an educated consumer is our best customer.

Hard working Americans and retirees who put their money and faith into something that overpromises and underdelivers is huge disservice, here at Element Earth we are dedicated to connecting the client with the product that meets their needs and will continue to work with them as the CBD market expands. The healing benefits of CBD, which have been withheld from Americans since Prohibition, are going to bring amazing restorative qualities to those who use them.