The Brands & Products We Sell...

In the early stages of opening a CBD store, my thought was to get the “best of the best”, and offer that to the community – CBD products that are proven, tested, and researched thoroughly would only be permitted. So I started the quest of studying what is what and who is who, as already being in the CBD business, I had a fairly good idea what manufacturers were making the cut and which ones just did not live up to the hype; and there is a lot of it, still, and will continue to be.

Our selection process is still the same, we decide which brands and products to carry not by what “Top 10” lists say, as most of them are paid for; we study the company, the people, the farms, the strains of CBD, verify the lab report accuracy, and most importantly use our circle of people who have different types of pain, anxiety, post dramatic stress disorder (PDSD), surgeries (recent and old), headaches, and other ailments.

I see a lot of manufacturers making claims that are unwarranted, misleading, and that use “premium pricing” (more expensive, must be better, right?) for pricing structure, or padded pricing which is bascially what you will find in jewlery stores – “50% off for this weekend only” and find that its a huge diservice to those in need and do not need to be tricked into buying something they know not a lot about, but know they “got a good deal”.

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Our mission is not new, its’ not reinventing the wheel, it’s just a matter of trying our best to provide accurate and above standard CBD products of various sorts. This mission couldn’t be more important as CBD “anything” is very popular right now, so popular some companies will do and say almost anything to get that edge, and as figured, it is coming out now that a very small amount of manufacturers are being honest and really are simply doing there best to provide true quality CBD. It is like equating finding an honest used car salesman – not that easy, but achievable.


Even when you do land on a quality product, still the results differ from person to person. But there is more disinfomation out there then ever before in this booming industry, and worst of all its paid very well to promote it, some spend up to $50,000 a month in doing so, as with CBD you cannot advertise (as of writing this) on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and media in general.  So the money is poured into search results and glitzy websites to “wow” you, don’t get me wrong, a nice site is a good thing to have, but do not soley go off its “flash and pizzaz”.  So if you Google CBD oil you will find a slew of “Top 10s” and articles that are nothing more than fancy paid advertismenets.

As time goes on, and these low quality manufacturers implode due to customer dissatifaction, fake research, and over paid search results, etc., we will see a much different market place, but for now, unfortunately its either who has the “catchiest” pics on Instagram, who is appearing first on Google, and what the “experts” write about in their opinions, which isn’t it funny, every article you read discussing CBD, eventually will have some sort of link that brings you to one of these manufacturers? Big money is getting paid, and unfortunately a lot of that BIG money is coming from inflated pricing.

As hard working Americans and retirees that put their money and faith into something that overpromises and underdelivers is, to us, a huge disservice and a complete sham, not to mention degrades CBD in whole, in which our bodies have been deprived of since the start of its prohibition.