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Myriam’s Hope

Myriam’s Hope is more than just a brand selling CBD. Myriam's Hope produces not only great, 3rd party lab tested, CBD, but they venture into other very important cannabinoids that up until recently were not available in these strengths and concentrations. With hemp, there are a lot more cannabinoids than just CBD, such as Cannabigerol (CBG), Cannabidiol (CBN), which each have their own targeted properties. Such as inflammation, CBD will cover it, but CBG targets it specifically. Trouble sleeping and do not want to take substances such as melatonin, CBN has you covered for night time due to its sedative properties.

Studies have found that 2.5mgs may have the same result as 5-10mg of Valium. This is where CBN can distinctly place itself in a different category than CBD oils, so more and more are discovering this cannabinoid.

Since 2013, MH has been a frontrunner and pioneer with alternative solutions that work. We are proud to have them on Element Earth as we do a lot of testing prior to purchasing and selling to the public. We need to make sure it is what it says it is. And every product has a batch number with a corresponding 3rd party lab report to go along with it. We can say with 100% confidence Myriam’s Hope is not a fly by night company, not a white label company; their reputation is very well known to be quality and consistency.

Family-owned, Made in the USA, Lab Tested, Organic, Wheat Free, & 100%Vegan.

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